Owning a pack of huskies meant that I gave up walks in the park or woods. My dogs have unreliable recall, but I wanted them to have freedom from the lead. I wanted them to still be able to run, romp and play, but in a safe and secure environment and one where I could relax knowing my dogs couldn’t escape.

Huskies are notorious escape artists, they can easily jump fences and will tirelessly dig under in their bid for adventure. Our perimeter fencing is 8ft in total, 6ft above ground and 2ft under to ensure even the most persistent diggers won’t breach the fences. Our 29 dogs have been giving the field a really good testing and are happy to give the off lead the paws up. We have concrete under entrances and a double gate entry system.

If you have a dog with questionable recall or who just doesn’t want to socialise with others then we can offer peace of mind for you to exercise your dog. The field is available for individual hire for exclusive use or group hire.

There is a small stream that runs along the back of the field for your dogs to dip their feet and cool off on those warmer days and there is also a fresh water trough to make sure your dogs stay hydrated.

As well as the field facilities also include groomers and pet store, where treats are served for both dogs and human. The menu includes doggy icecream, puppacinos, doggy popcorn and a selection of handmade goodies.

Please check out our Pricing Policy and Terms & Conditions or give us a call for more information. We offer membership packages for regular users and an online booking system to make using our off lead as easy as possible. We will update regularly the condition of the field in heavy rain and bad weather on our facebook page to help you decide about booking.

We are committed in trying to provide the best we can for our pets.